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The website galleries contain sketches and paintings in oils, watercolour and pastels, most of which are for sale. If you are interested in selecting any of them to show in your own commercial gallery, or you wish to commission your own version of some particular place or subject perhaps as a gift, or to commemorate a special event I would be delighted to help.  Please get in touch via the contact link.

Prices range from £200 to £1500 depending on size, medium and the background history of the work for framed pieces.  If you wish to purchase from the unframed collection gallery please contact me to discuss price.  These are lower than for framed work, of course, and can be from as little as £50 upwards.

Manuel's Way, Zukeros Washday
The Pastels Gallery Painting of the month Watercolours
 Downhill  Evening Launcg Canal, Chalford
Oils Gallery Unframed work for sale Watercolour sketches


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