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I'm frequently available for demonstrations in watercolour and oils to art groups and societies throughout the UK. I also give illustrated talks using slides and video about talks about my BBC natural history film-making career. There are four talks currently:

1.  The first, called 'Beyond the Blue Planet' includes a behind the scenes look at how wildlife films are made.

2.  The second talk, 'Into the Abyss' is an insight into the films I have made about the variety of deep sea life, from the smallest organisms to huge predators that cruise the cold, dark ocean depths.  In this 'inner space' new discoveries are made almost daily, but there is much more yet to be unveiled. There will also be insights into the seas and shorelines around our own British Isles.

3.  The third talk is about the unique Natural History of Hawaii and my experiences there filming it.

4.  My fourth talk, 'Grizzlies Galore', is an insight into the world of grizzly bears and reveals what is involved in filming them in close-up in Alaska.

Contact me if you are interested in any or several of these lively and informative talks, either by phone or e-mail.

Normally I will bring all my own equipment as well as some examples of my oil and watercolour paintings to enhance the occasion and show the parallels between 'painting' with cameras and portraying pictures using brushes with oil and watercolour.

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