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 Considerations when choosing a painting tutor

 I feel very strongly about the quality of tutorial support generally available and offer these thoughts to guide you in your choice.

  • Are you attracted to their work, it being similar to your own or having features which you think would improve how you would like to paint and develop your work? 
  • How many hours tuition do they offer each day, and do they offer additional 1:1 tuition at the end? 
  • Were they recommended to you? 
  • Will they be painting for themselves each day when they should be tutoring? If so you may get scant attention!

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  • Do they offer to loan to you gratis the use of chairs and boards (if outdoors), or provide papers, oil painting boards, brushes, paints or palettes as a matter of course, or if you lack them? 
  • Do they offer advice and brochures on painting materials and 'best buys'?
  • Are they willing, and versatile and comfortable enough at painting /demonstrating under pressure when in public and at your request? 
  • Are they enthusiastic, inspiring and informative and yet relaxed, avoiding being too intense or overwhelming? 
  • Do they offer to criticise your work, highlighting its positive features first, while being frank and helpful with its weaker aspects? 
  • Do they balance the serious with the more light hearted aspects of painting? Are they good company for you and the group you may be with?
  • Are they well organised and in control not only as a painter/tutor but as the leader of your other activities, exercising their duty of care.
  • Do they provide back up painting notes to help support your future work? 
  • Do they get in touch with you before meeting up as well as encouraging you to keep in touch if you need help and advice in the future?

 And lastly, just as they greet you, do they later cheerily say goodbye? 

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