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New illustrated talk about life in the deep ocean and grizzly bears in Alaska

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'Life in the Abyss' - The deep ocean is the world's least known environment and yet it is the largest.  We know more about the surface of the moon than we know about the earth's ocean floor.  As the world's oceans cover 75% of the planet there is much more to explore.  This talk will be an insight into the films I have made about what we do know about the variety of deep sea life, from the smallest organisms to huge predators that cruise the cold, dark ocean depths.  In this 'inner space', where new discoveries are being made almost daily, there is much more yet to be unveiled.  This talk will illustrate with video clips, slides and personal video diaries of my observations made at the time of filming.  There will also be insights into the seas and shorelines around our own British Isles. Contact me if you are interested in this talk by phone or e-mail.

'Grizzlies Galore' - The Alaskan wilderness is home to grizzly bears, and the best place in which to capture their wild behaviour, from the moment when they emerge with newly born cubs into the snows of spriing, right through to the autumn when they are preparing to hibernate in their dens. This talk illustrated with slides and 'behind the scenes' video clips show how it is done and how close to grizzlies you can be in capturing their behaviour. They may look like cuddly teddy bears, but they are wild and we are the repectful intruders into their wilderness.


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