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Stage Six

Now for the shadows, the revealers of form, but before that I do need to complete the left hand side buildings together with the flags which were masked out.The oblique views of windows and doors are mere downward strokes, and there’s plenty of scope to invent all sorts of surface features to keep the wall interesting.

Fig. 20

Most of the painting is well on the way to completion. The foreground paved street has been developed. Unwanted pencil lines can be erased and some lines and areas need to be picked out with darker paint and maybe some areas need a further light wash.


Fig. 21

Shadows are revealers of form and help focus interest on those features in the composition which need to stand out.  For shadows I fill a large well brimful with a mixture of cobalt violet, cobalt blue with a dash of raw sienna. This is one time when I actually MIX paints. The result is a bluish mushroom colour. Of course there are other mixtures of colours useful for depicting shadows. It’s easy to underestimate how much of this mixture is needed, and you don’t want to run out half way through.This mixture I applied as a glaze of single brush strokes on the dry surface; repeated strokes over the same area may encourage the paint to lift off, with dulled overmixed results. This brush can deliver paint boldly or very precisely. 

After this, short of a few corrections and ‘tweaks’ to highlights for example it’s time to sign it off.

Fig. 22

The painting complete.



Figs. 23 and 24

The above two images are close ups of two areas that relied very much on drawing with the brush rather than with pencil.

Finally a reminder that almost all the work was done with just one brush*, together with a water brush and a paint making brush in support.

Well done if you have followed through to this section and I hope this has been a helpful demonstration for you!


 *This brush is a size 12 round extended point Kolinsky sable I designed and is known as ‘Roger's SP12’ in the catalogue of -  See Friends section for the website link in case you might wish to order this from them directly.

If you would like to know more about my work, or need help with your own, or wish to buy a painting please get in touch, or join me on a painting holiday with Authentic Adventures - See Friends section also.


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