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Stage Five

A ‘sparkle’ has now been add to the work, and important, white paper has been reserved for areas such as the flags etc that need to stand out against their darker  backgrounds, as do other highlights and bright edges.

Fig. 13

Flags now stand out clearly against their backgrounds.

The second wash starts at the top and I work down laying in slightly darker variegated washes painting wet onto dry OR wet onto damp, even wet, depending on the effects I want; hard edges, soft edges etc.

Out of the mosaic wash the painting starts to appear.

Fig. 14

Flags can now assume their true colours.

Fig. 15

Figures at the far tables are drawn in by brush, where no pencil drawing existed beforehand.

Fig. 16

A quick superficial skim of darker paint with the brush end over the first pale hazy greenish wash establishes the darker foliage and silhouettes of the foreground shrubs.

Fig. 17

More detail drawn by brush on top of and in addition to the earlier pencil work.
Figures near and far enjoy a conversation or raise a glass.

Fig. 18

The story so far.
The left hand side now needs resolving. The shadows of ‘shadow light’ have not been applied yet. That will come later.

Fig. 19

A ‘water’ brush. So far the painting has been done solely by the single pointed SP 12 brush, with help from the paint making brush. However sometimes I use a brush just to wet the paper before paint is added so that the paint runs and bleeds, or after paint is applied and needs to be similarly bled and softened. Timing is important here.
This area (Fig 19) is where I bled the paint at the base of the plant containers in front of the folk at the table at the left hand side. I wanted a soft edge here. Later I may harden it up with darker paint. At least I can decide; my options are open. Control again.

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