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Generally I make sure that my colours are always available in generous amounts in the palette wells, and importantly in consistency, both thick (tonally dark and intense) and thin (weak and  pale). You need this choice as sometimes when making rapid decisions there is no time to make paint; it needs to be there, ready.

Fig. 1

Thick and thin cerulean blue surrounding the paint squeezed from the tube. I always use tube paint.

Fig. 2

My palette has 20 wells so that there is space enough for paints and to partially combine/mingle them.


Fig. 3

For most of my paintings I use only 2 or 3 brushes.
These two are: an old Sceptre Gold that I’ve had for years and use just for making paints. I don’t want to damage my painting brush by scrubbing away at paint.
The size 12 pointed Kolinsky sable brush alongside is a special one which I designed with the help of brush maker Rosemary Thompson ( It has an extended point, which along with its round shape makes it very versatile, making bold marks one moment and very precise marks the next instant. And it lasts.


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