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Seven Essentials
Making tonal sketches of the interlocking shapes helps in your consideration of the first five of the seven essentials which I consider as vital in your approach to starting and completing a painting - whatever the medium. The first five of these essentials are, in order of priority:
The latter is a personal choice and not mine to impose. An organised, planned approach is vital in my view, so that it is you who maintains control of your chosen medium.
Starting with watercolours can be a mistake. Better to start off with pastels or oils and then move on to 'taming the beast' that is watercolour, a very mobile, exciting but fickle medium, sometimes difficult to control.
The remaining two of my essentials relate to how you should handle paint. Complementing the other five they become your own 'seven samurai' in your personal 'battle' to produce attractive and compelling work, compelling not just to you but others, who may even wish to own it!
These essentials can become the foundation for the sure use of pastels, oils, and watercolours, whichever you choose; they have their own particular challenges and delights. If you or a group want to become better acquainted with and skilled in the use of these media, then get in touch, see my Tuition pages for more details.  In the meantime, let me show you examples of how you go about their use, oils for example...


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