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 Stage 5

The tree was now developed with a variation of tone and colour of branches and foliage, and refining the definition of tree trunks, motorbike etc. Also, moving on from area to area gives the paint time to become tacky before more defining paint is laid on top. One of the commonest errors is where paint is slapped on top of paint which is still too wet; the results are a slimy overmixed mess. Patience and planning are important! Now compare the previous stages and see how different areas have changed. What now follows are close up details of just a few aspects of the painting.

Stage 6

This shows you the state of one of my brushes. It is more useful worn like this than a brand new one, believe me. Your  brushes are the most expendable and least costly of your kit. I can make a variety of different marks with this brush, so much so that often I only use about 3 or 4 brushes for a painting; sometimes fewer. It's very much how you use them.

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